How to win her HEART based on her zodiac sign

Tuesday, September 15, 2020


If you want to know how you can win her heart, here are some tips based on her zodiac sign.


she loves trying new things and spicing things up. she's passionate and likes the dating game (especially a challenge). when she falls in love, she falls HARD (you'll know). the way to her heart is to not judge her, don't be shy, and give her what she wants.


she's very sensual, stubborn, can at times get unreasonably jealous/ possessive. she wants security and stability. she is VERY loyal. the way to her heart is to NOT give her a reason to be jealous, amuse her, show her you like being around her, and be faithful


she likes being social/ spontaneous and at times can be emotionally unavaiable. she loves gossip, humor, and intellectual talk. the key to her heart is to keep things exciting/ FUN for her, impress her, be honest, and flirt a lot.


she's empathetic, usually over analyzes things, she can be needy/emotional, and affectionate. she lovesss when you give her gifts/ affection. she'll give you her all if you are worth it. so the key is to be SINCERE and show her she can trust you


 she’s fun, sensual 😏, spontaneous, competitive, bold, likes taking charge & loves WINNING games. she likes guys that make her feel like she’s the only one. the key to her heart is to show her LOYALTY, attention, COMPLIMENT/ praise her, be funny, and show effort. 


she’s usually intense, passionate, cautious, aloof, & likes to flatter her crush. she usually tends to be misunderstood & prefers taking things the friends route before falling in love. the key to her heart is NO B.S, be genuine, don’t overpower (underplay), & have FUN convos☺️.


she’s very enthusiastic, artistic, she’s very understanding, & loves romantic things🥰. she’s happiest when she’s in a relationship.the key to her heart is to charm her, show her that u have taste, & make her feel like you’ll be her everything.


she’s very intense, complex, curious, serious, sexy, erotic🔥. she loves parties/social affairs. flirtation is a game for her & it’s hard for her to open up about things. she’ll either love u or hate u. to win her heart be PATIENT, flirt, let her win sometimes, put in effort, be a good listener, & NEVER cross her.


she’s free spirited🦋, brutally honest, optimistic, LOVES trying new things, humorous, and can be seen as an outcast. she likes initiating things and is prone to have many crushes . win her heart by making her laugh, be fun, and show her you’re listening!


she’s ambitious, has integrity, DOESN’T really like playing games, & she’s direct with what she wants. sometimes it’s hard for people to tell if she’s into them. the key to her heart is to show her true affection🥰, that ur willing to pursue her, be on time, show intelligence, wit, and that you’re passionate about something.


she’s very quirky, intellectual, outgoing, independent, charming, and likes talking A LOT😋. sometimes her seduction tactic is calculated, she likes unusual people, & she doesn’t care what people think. the key to her heart is to be romantic, quirky, and show intelligence.


she’s super sensitive, artistic, a great listener, EMOTIONAL🔥❄️, and she's a shy flirter. if someone betrays her, they might lose her forever. the key to her heart is to be honest, give her her space, greet her with a compliment, & be upfront/open to her.

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