How to avoid getting GHOSTED based on their zodiac sign

Tuesday, September 15, 2020


Here are some tips on how you can avoid getting ghosted based on their zodiac signs. Obviously everyone has their own reasons, but this will give you a better understanding.


they are very impulsive/ spontaneous & dive head first into romance, sometimes if ur trying to define ur relationship they ghost. so keep them on their toes by making things fun/surprising for them 


they are very stubborn so if they tell u or act like they aren’t interested in u...u can’t make them change their mind. so don’t get involved w one who’s not showing they want u cuz if they really like u, they’re not gonna ghost easily


they need excitement & get bored easily so u gotta keep up with their pace (but don’t start drama or be too extra tho) . if u can’t, then too bad cuz they’ll dip. but usually if they ghost they’re likely to slide back in 


its hard for them to open up cuz they need to gain ur trust. so they’ll usually dip before they get too close. when ur in the early talking stages, don’t always be “available” /  super responsive cuz they tend to ghost when u r. but if they really like u, you’ll know so make sure to be dependable/trustworthy 


they like to show off & loveee the attention. they want to be part of a power couple, so if u don’t suitably impress them, they usually choose to dip. sometimes they ghost if things get too boring, so spice things up. and if they aren’t attracted to u...sorry b, you weren’t what they wanted. 


they are known for being super analytical. they can spot all the incompatibilities early on. so try appealing to their sweet nature (little things go a long way for them) & show them u care. they rather ghost then watch a relationship go downhill. ALWAYS sincerely apologize & make up to them if u fck up


they’re great at attracting people to them cuz they’re very charming. theyll ghost if they suddenly feel like things are becoming too constrictive or if they aren’t vibin w u. they are also indecisive af so sometimes u gotta decide to make an effort or dip. try to let them have the control & don’t bring in drama


they are super intense & they’ll either love u or hate u. they’ll protect their hearts at all costs which make them expert ghosters. so don’t fck up & don’t keep secrets from them. also when they ghost, they have a hard time letting go so they’ll def be haunting u


they r all about adventure & exploring so when they ghost don’t take it personal cuz they’re known to dip. so always be down for anything and don’t expect anything serious unless they explicitly told u that’s what they want


they know what they want so if anything feels not right from the start, they’re quick to lose interest. so you better have matching goals and be honest and direct with them about what u want


they are highly intellectual & don’t like to admit if they are wrong. they are notorious flakes cuz they get confused if they really want something more w u or not. if u start to notice they are pulling away, call them out on it w straightforward questions. 


they are known for being emotional and empathetic. they want that fairytale romance. but they can still be manipulative so be careful. they gain interest just as easy as they lose interest. if they are pulling away, give them time to figure out what they want...don’t push them. they also tend to mirror ur actions/responses.

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