Fboy Code Words

Friday, September 18, 2020


Here's a list of a bunch of text phrases that fboys use. Obviously they can always just mean what they said, but typically with a fboy there's a double meaning. I also am aware that a lot of people use these, but this is just specific to a fboy. 

1. i miss you

= remembered you exist so gonna manipulate your emotions into you coming thru

2. maybe

= it's a no but imma lead you on

3. wyd tn

= let's fck later

4. ur trippin

=i've been caught and i know i'm wrong but imma act like she's crazy

5. my bad

=i'm tryna apologize without having to actually apologize

6. let's link

=i'm tryna ask you to hang but like hang + benefits

7. ok.

=i'm lowkey butt hurt but i'm tryna sound chill

8. my bad didn't see that

= na i saw ur message but i didn't feel like responding

9. i'm bored

=send me "pics"

10. wyd

= idc what ur doin i just want something from you ("pics", nicotine, etc)

11. i'll lyk

= the answer is a no and i'm not gonna lyk

12. i can't

= i can but i have a better alternative

13. shi i just woke up

= i've been awake on my phone but don't feel like answering

14. wdym

= ik what you mean but imma act like i don't

15. ight/bet 

=i'm trying to sound chill about something you said

16. let's hang

= i don't wanna just hang i want something else

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