How to get in HER head

Thursday, September 17, 2020


If you want to get a girl thinking about you, here are some tips. But if she is NOT into you, it's not going to work. You need to already know that she likes you. Because I promise if she's already into you, any of these things will work. And please do not act like a total simp. 


If you just started talking to a girl and you use her name in a text, it makes her feel special. Because if it's on Snapchat, you could just be saying the same thing to everyone, but once you drop her name, it will get her all happy that you're giving her this extra special attention.  So guys....use it more. But don't over use it.


What I mean by this is that every girl wants to be complimented. If you NEVER compliment her, she might think that you are uninterested. So drop a specific compliment to her. For example: her jewelry/accessories, her taste in music, her outfit, say she’s beautiful instead of hot/pretty, her intelligence/humor/skills. BUT DO NOT FANGIRL AND ACT TOO NICE. 

*BUT you can not be doing this all the time. It becomes too much and she might lose interest. If you are on a first date, drop the compliment at some point. Just show her that you are attracted to her because she will be very flattered. And plussssss, she got all extra nice looking for you so you better have something nice to say. 


If you are always around for her she'll start to pay you less attention because she knows that you are always there. So show interest in her, but pull away at some point. Flip the switch. She'll get all in her head wondering why you are acting different. But you have to do it carefully because if you do it wrong, she might just move on to someone else who will give her attention.


If you are the type of guy that goes straight to asking for pics, or you just move way too fast, it becomes unattractive. It's fine if you want these things, but if you give her the impression that you aren't just after that, she won't have to feel like you are just using her. Because guess what. SO many guys are like that. If you want to stand out and get a real shot, try to be different from those guys and not rush things. She'll notice that. This pattern would always get in my head: start off with a little flirtation in the beginning, stop for a little, then kick it back up again. It just makes me think like 1) he's not a simp. And 2) he's still into me and I love it because he's making me overthink a bit if he still likes me.


You need to be saying the things you know she wants to hear. Even if it seems like you should just be acting like an a$$hole and then she'll fall for you. No. If she likes you, anything you can say (that's positive towards her) can get her all in her head. For example: say her name, that you were thinking about her, that you want her, that she’s right, that she looks/smells/tastes good, etc 
 For example: I went on a date with a player, and I had this expectation that he was too cool to say anything nice. But when he started to say these specific things to me that I didn't even know I wanted to hear, but I did,  I instantly caught feels. He played it so right and got me wrapped around his fingers. BUT SHE HAS TO LIKE YOU. I keep saying this, but if she's not into you (and maybe you don't know it yet) it will not work.


Try doing this now and then. Especially if she is into you, doing this will get her to like you more. This is because it's a video directly to her and it makes you stand out from everybody. 

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