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Monday, May 28, 2018

 This is my all time favorite CC creme. It has great coverage and it even has SPF so there's no need to worry about applying sunscreen. It has many benefits for the skin and once you put it on, it looks very dewy and natural.

This concealer duo is from Anthropologie and it is all natural. It is very creamy and I love the fact that it has 2 options of shades to choose from.

This is Tarte's blush in the shade paaarty. It is the perfect shade for achieving a sun kissed look.

This is my new favorite affordable eyebrow pencil: the L'oreal brush stylist definer. It is a great dupe for the Anastasia eyebrow pencils. 

This is a great eyebrow mascara that keeps your eyebrows in place. Some times I even skip using my eyebrow pencil since this does a great job of defining my eyebrows all the same.

This is a Chanel mascara and I love the fact that it makes your eyelashes pop and look defined and wispy.

This kit is so worth the money. It is a bronzer and highlighter trio that is perfect to bring when traveling (and they are all verrrrry pigmented as well).

This Pacifica lip balm is amazing. It comes in a bunch of shades that are all pigmented, smell good, and they shimmer!

I hope you enjoyed this post, comment if you want an actual makeup routine video:)

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